If you love Air Jordan sneakers, you’re gonna LOVE this coloring book!

 Introducing the world’s first “Air Jordan Coloring Book” for adults and kids alike! The first coloring book of its kind, it features everything from the infamous Air Jordan 1’s first released in 1985 to the cutting edge Jordan 23’s. You can now play head designer and see if you would have done a better job by playing around with the colorways on iconic kicks like the AJ III’s. Original Sneaker Designs By Davinci You Can’t Find Nowhere Else

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No matter what your level of artistic skill is, you can have a BLAST coloring the sneakers you love to admire – Air Jordans – and show the world what a FAN you are!

If you’re a true “sneakerhead” – you can even customize your own sneakers by working out the designs via this coloring book!

This book comes with digitally-drawn representations of the famous Air Jordan sneakers, with TWO identical drawings of each shoe so that you can experiment with different colors and designs.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind book, and will provide hours of fun for fans of all ages.

Plus, it’s truly a “sneakerhead” collector’s item – and a great way to play around with the customize design of your own kicks!

Covers Air Jordans from 1-23… on high-quality white art paper that will “do justice” to your finest coloring work.

So if you have a sneakerhead on your gift list, it’s not too late to send that last-minute gift that they won’t be expecting… but will totally LOVE you for!

Color to your heart’s content! With 20 years’ worth of shoes, and all the numbers, you can even pretend you’re bringing back a retro design… or coming up with something that’s never been done before!

Heck… you can even design a shoe you WISH Nike would make!

Things you are getting
  • Frist Jordan Only Coloring Book
  • Original  Sneaker Designs By Davinci  You Can’t Find Nowhere Else
  • Two Pages of each Jordan Number, So You Can Color The Same Sneaker Twice
  • High Quality White Art Paper
  • Fast Shipping World Wide
  • For All Ages
  • Color Jordans From 1-23
  • Color with Crayon, Color pencil, Water Color, Markers etc
  • Made to Order Just For You
  • Stress Relief Tool For Relaxing
  • Sneaker Head Collectors Item
  • Made  In USA!

This would make the perfect gift for any sneaker lover, and your little one will have a total blast coloring in something other than wide-eyed cartoons. Young or old, this coloring book is sure to fascinate. Let that creativity run wild by clicking

” Dope Idea Solefam”

Air Jordan 5 coloring book


Screenshot 2015-12-18 01.26.13